Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekly Report 8

Alaa Al Aswany was born in Cairo to a very liberal family in 1957. He ended up being a very known and respected author and journalist in his adulthood. He is very well off considering while he writes, he also occasionally practices dentistry. He was known to protest against the British and more recently protest in Tahir Square against the government that was in place. Even more recently, he went on national television to talk to the man who was at that time the Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafik. Aswany
had noticed Shafik evading certain questions and wanted to get real answers. Aswany asked Shafik questions about what happened in Tahir Square, the people who were killed, and those who were permanently blinded - some 1200 people -, to which Shafik got defensive and started yelling. The journalist and the Prime Minister got into what became an internationally recognized heated argument. Soon after, Shafik resigned. This is very good because later Shafik was caught having ties to the previous authoritarian president, so he may have ended up being a dictator and leading Egypt to ruin.

Aswany has written many stories and articles about the revolution and the participators. These works have inspired those participating and inspired more people to join the cause. He does not allow the government to pay him off but instead writes about exactly what is wrong with the government and it's army, which he used to respect but has long since stopped respecting it because of its actions. One of Aswany's comentators said, "He thinks he should be critical of society and should try to change it."

Reference article: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2012/01/16/writing-the-revolution

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