Thursday, April 28, 2016

Weekly Report 7

Noami Shihab Nye is an author well known among other authors both in the United States and in the Middle East. She has written novels, essays, and poems, so many poems that he has filled books with them. In her work, she addressed many topics, one of which is being biracial. She was actually born to an American mother and a Palestinian father, and while she had a rather adventurous life, traveling from place to place, she yearned to stay in one place and have a “boring life.” Her works are good and inspirational for anybody who is biracial, especially those who are Arab Americans, as it helps people to cope and not be confused as to whether or not focus on one culture or language, and not feel alienated in any of the two cultures. She says that it is advantageous to be in the middle as she can learn from both cultures. She does not tell the people to try to identify with both cultures, but says that it can be okay to stand apart and observe the good and the bad of each. She paid a lot of attention to the community both in her town of St. Louis and also abroad, as in her later poems she portrays a negative and frustrated undertone as she speaks of the war and all the hardships of the people over there. On the other hand, some of her newer poems were also more positive in that she tried to encourage people to protect the small business and boycott the large corporations. 

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