Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekly Report 6

The article (cited below) speaks about what president Obama and US congress have been doing about the war in Syria. Apparently, The CIA has had a great amount of ideas that may have helped stop or weaken the war in Syria (50), however, Obama vetoed them all. Those ideas included both respectable and sly ideas, such as paying someone close to the leader to get rid of him for example. One may think that Obama just doesn't want to get too involved with what is happening in Syria and risk infuriating one of the leaders, especially since he did not retaliate after the attack near Damascus. This, however, would not be good considering the fact that Obama has implied to the rebels that he would help them against Asaad, but if this suspicion is true, then he won't actually be able to help them as much as they need. It means that the rebels could advance and do things they normally would not, such as attacking certain bases or people, thinking that they have the US support when they actually do not. That can cause a great amount of casualties that are unneeded. A man named Douglas Laux was part of the team that came up with the ideas and said that if those plans were implemented, then the rebels would have a much higher chance of toppling the Asaad regime, they might have even done it already. Later on though, after his retirement from the CIA, he said that looking back, the plans may not have stopped the war after all. Personally, I think they they may have helped if anything, you know know until you try it.


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