Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekly Blog 1

What is happening in Syria is a true tragedy of massive proportions. There is currently a civil war waging between those who support the government (be it for believing in their actions or for fear of what the government could do to them and their families), and the rebels who do not agree with the government. The death count is rising quicker by the day, and the bloodshed does not seem to be anywhere near its end. Even the use of chemical weapons has been documented. So far, the UN has counted more than 250,000 deaths because of the conflict and more than 4.5 million civilians have fled the country to others looking for refuge. Life is especially difficult for those still living within Syrian borders. According to BBC’s data, “about 70% of the population is without access to adequate drinking water, one in three people are unable to meet their basic food needs, and more than 2 million children are out of school, and four out of five people live in poverty. “ This means that not only is the present for the country in ruins, but the future is crumbling down too as more children are malnourished and uneducated. Even the government is not acting how a government should – it is dropping bombs and using military force on the civilians who will not take up arms to defend their cause. One would think, with the government doing this that nobody would ever defend it, but Russia, Iraq, and Iran have all been reportedly aiding the Syrian government forces with money and weapons. Many other countries, however, like the US, France, and the UK have aided the rebels. Those and many others have invited refugees, especially Turkey with 2 million refugees and Lebanon with one.


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