Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reflection 5

The Isreal-Palestine conflict has been going on for decades because of land and power. I find this absolutely ridiculous and that in 2016 people should not be fighting over a little bit of land when so many people are being hurt by the effects. I believe one way the leaders of Isreal and Palestine could resolve this conflict would be to swallow their pride, stop trying to live in the past (as both groups say they have rights to the land for different reasons), and join together to form one country. The leaders that are there now could join up and rule all the land together, stopping the fighting and deaths, while being able to build the country rather than destroy it, build walls, and have the citizens suffer. Personally, I believe the Palestineans should own the land as they were there first, and the Jews went there for refuge, but that is just me, a white man from the U.S. However, I feel that the best way to solve with without having one side lose completely, is to have them merge forces and rule together, effectively creating a new and more diverse country. That way, nobody would have to give up land, but instead, just share it in peace. We are no longer in the 19th century with greedy rulers fighting over land, we should not be doing it. I simply do not see the logic of it and it frustrates me, especially when people are growing up with terrible lives and not even realizing it because that is what they are used to, like poor Ms. Carol's family and friends in Palestine. The only thing people should be arguing about is the trading of goods and services, technology, and that stuff. Not land. If the two countries merged, they would be able to share the land and its resources so that as one country they would make double the profits, and they would be able to focus on the important things like healthcare and technology. Instead, they're spending so much money on things like walls, border bombs

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