Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reflection 4

On this day, a man named Dr. Boukhar came to class. He talked all about terrorism and cleared up many questions and opened our minds to the truth about terrorism and where it comes from. Many people believe that terrorism sprouts from the religion, and that Islam promotes that and that is where they get all of their motivation. However, terrorism from the Middle East has many different causes, including the United States foreign policy. The United States invading the area definitely was a push that people needed to get angry. The terrorists who claim to be doing the damage for the religion are actually extremists, like the KKK or the Westboro Church in the US. They do not represent all Muslims. What is especially interesting is that Dr. Boukhar told us that most, if not all, of the terrorists are not actually true Muslims, nor do they know much about the religion. They shun the religion of their parents, which is the true and peaceful Islam, and shun how society conforms to rules and the government. Dr. Boukhar told us how the terrorists even have books like Islam For Dummies, which shows that they have been so brainwashed by the leaders who are the actual Islam extremists who just use the young people's insecurities to control them. All of the terrorists are just young people being used by the few older leaders who are educated and know what they want - an anarchist society, which would never work in reality.

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