Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reflection 3

The drumming session given in the Forum was very interesting and entertaining. Honestly, I feel like most of the time, if not all of the time, they were just winging it because most of the time the music that one was playing did not match what the other was playing, and also, the guy who was dancing kept looking at the musicians as if he was thinking, "What in the world, how am I supposed to dance to something that does not have rhythm?" However, when they did find rhythm, it was very good and people even started singing. I particular enjoyed the part where the man started rapping about peace and his generation, it was an eye opener about current culture. I also liked to watch the short guy dance. He told us how he and his mother used to dance after she taught him. His form of dancing is very energetic as he jumps and hops about, swinging his arms in wide arcs. It is wonderful because many people, especially here in the US, contain themselves when they dance. This causes them to look very calm and almost boring. This guy's dancing however, was very free and happy, it was obvious that he did not care what people thought of him or how he danced, he just let the music flow through him like a river, he translated those beats into movements which brightened everyone's days. Many people might see that and say things like, I do not have the energy to do that, or, I ache when I move a lot like that. I however know from personal experience that no matter how much pain you are in, if a song comes on that you absolutely love and you let yourself flow with the music, the movements will come natural and the pain will almost go away. My personal experience was when I hurt my legs so badly to the point where every little movement felt like my skin was ripping. However, one day a friend came and put my favorite song. He told me not to dance as I might hurt myself, but I could not control the desire to move and dance, so I got up and danced until that and the next song finished. During those moments it was as if I had been given new life, and new legs. The pain had temporarily subsided because of my joy. From then on, I understood the power of music, dance, and happiness. That is how I felt personally moved by the dancing man at the concert, it reminded me of that day.

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