Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reflection 2

Dr. Deveny went to our class today and spoke to us about the history of Muslim power in Spain, mainly between 700 and 1500. He spoke about how the Muslims spreading from Damascus, through Morocco, all the way to northern Spain, steadily taking over the peninsula, taking the land from the Visigoths who were the original people who had settled there. Unlike what the Europeans did to the Native Americans in the Americas when they first started settling, the Muslims allowed a great number of the native Spanish people live among them. Because of this, both the language and the cultures of the two peoples mixed, and the effects of this mixture can be seen in the architecture, art, and even the Spanish language today, as there are many Spanish words that were borrowed from Arabic.One thing I found very interesting was a man named Abd-ar Rahman, whose family was actually killed by the royalty in Damascus. They hunted him down too, but he managed to escape to Spain, where he actually convinced the Islamic rulers of those lands to allow him to take there places. Spain was very powerful and beautiful during his rule, until the Christians came and took Spain back in the "Reconquista," or the re-conquest. It was a tragedy for the Muslims and the Jews because either they were killed, exiled, or forced to change religions. That re-conquest stopped when King Fernando and queen Isabel finally ended it. The reconquista ended right around the time that Christopher Columbus landed in America. Below are pictures of Fernando and Isabel.

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